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$APE Accelerator is an incubator and launchpad built for ApeCoin holders. Funded by the ApeCoin DAO, we accelerate projects that benefit the ApeCoin ecosystem, from ideation to launch.

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Accelerator Program
For project founders, our Accelerator Program will supercharge your ApeCoin ecosystem project with strategic guidance, expert advisors, unique tools, and access to a network of leading industry experts.
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Exclusively for ApeCoin holders, our $APE Accelerator Launchpad offers you access to the latest and most innovative projects before anybody else. Support the ApeCoin ecosystem, and play a part in its growth.

Tap Into the vibrant ApeCoin community

The ApeCoin audience is amongst the most active in the industry

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How to participate

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Stake $APE in official ApeCoi
n staking pools

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Use the wallet delegation sol
ution to keep your assets safe

1 $APE coin split into 3 $APE coins
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Vote on projects you want to
see launched

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Step 4


Participate in digital asset
sales for accelerated projects

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Whether it's using utility to
kens or showing off your new d
igital collectibles, enjoy bei
ng a part of the $APE communit

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the difference between the Accelerator Program and the Launchpad?
The $APE Accelerator is formed of two primary business arms, our Accelerator and our Launchpad. The Accelerator, which hosts the Accelerator Program, is our strategic advisory and incubation arm designed to support project founders through their go-to-market journey. With many services including tokenomics, marketing, strategic, capital raise support, and more, it will turn a great idea into a world-beating Web3 project that benefits the ApeCoin ecosystem. The Launchpad is our retail-facing arm that provides $APE holders with the opportunity to participate in exclusive sales featuring projects that have been through our Accelerator Program.

How are Projects Approved for the $APE Accelerator?
Our team are experts in performing Due Diligence on projects that are looking to be incubated, with experience stretching for years and on multiple other Web3 launchpad platforms. On average only 5% of submissions are approved for incubation. Factors considered when assessing projects include product-market fit, team capability, product durability, and strategic alignment with ApeCoin ecosystem growth priorities.

Who decides which projects are approved for sale on the Launchpad?
Community members can vote, using $APE, on which projects they would like to see on the Launchpad. Anyone with $APE can vote, and voting is incentivised regardless of which way community members choose to vote. Only projects that have passed our Due Diligence process will be eligible to receive a community vote.

How is Revenue Shared with the $APE Community?
For each project that hosts a sale on the Launchpad, either for digital assets or tokens, $APE Accelerator charges a total commission of 15%. 5% of this is allocated to Forj (operators of $APE Accelerator), and ~0.5% goes to those who voted in previous community votes. The remaining portion, after total commission is deducted from operating expenses, operating commissions and voter commissions (excess profit), will go to a multi-sig wallet where the funds can be routed to various $APE Accelerator DAO initiatives based on community voting.

What token will Launchpad sales be held in?
Sales on the $APE Launchpad will be at least part-funded by ApeCoin, with other funding tokens (such as ETH) considered dependant on the strategic goals of the project hosting the sale. It’s worth noting that hosting all sales entirely in $APE could lead to more volatility if projects require capital in the short term, leading to sales of $APE on the open market.

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